Thursday, April 17, 2014

Woman Cave

Yes, women can have their own caves, too.

Everyone talks about the 'man cave', the room created from the age-old idea that a man needs to have his own place to relax and decompress, because the wife and/or kids take up the rest of the home, or something.

Well, when your Drummer Boyfriend holds band rehearsal in the living room two nights a week with a band that you're not a part of, that idea goes out the window. I get a woman cave, dammit.

Having an office was already part of the deal with me moving down here, but it has managed to turn into a little bit more than that. As of right now, I tend to get plenty of time to myself with DB working during the day, and my staying at home, working on designs, and looking for (the ever elusive) online work. Although I do spend a good chunk of it on the living room couch, catching up on Star Trek, animes and Charmed, and knitting/sewing/crocheting/writing, I often end up gravitating back to my office (to do the exact same thing). I assume it's because I'm surrounded by my projects in this room.

And on the days when the band is over, I pretty much live there until they leave, with DB popping in the back to say hi during their breaks and asking if I need anything.

I must say, moving down here has allowed me to really enjoy my solitude. And as a result, I cherish every moment I get to spend alone with DB. Sometimes I wonder if my solitude is a hindrance, though, since I'm already an introvert. But my progress with shop designs, prototypes, writing (yes, I'm writing again!) and yoga (I can touch my toes now!) keep me from really worrying about it.

Soon enough, I'll post progress pics of my woman cave/office/Fiber Lore HQ. It isn't too impressive right now, but DB and I have been discussing the design of my super long work desk. It's gonna take up a wall and a half. Think: plumbing. wood. other stuff that we haven't yet discussed. Legos? I don't know. Goddess, I need to focus.

I have to keep in mind that we still have to stuff to get from the city, like my futon (for midday cave naps, of course), my record player (Jim Morrison and Fugazi are getting antsy) and dressform (where do I hang my prototypes?!)

Meanwhile, check out a concert review I wrote for Flashwounds! I'm a published lady now!


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