Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oh crap, it's May.

But I'm not even worried.  I know, I set a May 1st open date, but hey, shit happens. My desire to rework the piece I posted previously took longer than I expected because I got distracted by the excitement of constant new ideas. It's pretty orgasmic, really. Every time I write out a new idea in detail, I need a cigarette after, I swear.

But maybe it wasn't the reworked piece. Maybe it was because I opened my big mouth. 

EB was telling me that he had read somewhere about why it's best not to let anyone know your plans:  Your brain understands that little vocalisation as a pseudo victory, and the drive to follow through diminishes a little. Actually, I found a short TED talk:

I'm super guilty of this. And worse yet, I totally posted about my shop on Facebook. 

SO. No more talk about the shop. Until I've opened it. 

No more talking about any big goals until--well--I have something to really Talk about. I'll continue to post about living intentionally and creatively, about my yarn hauls and upcoming/ongoing projects, but it'll be a little different.

This may be a bad example, but it takes me back to my days of having an eating disorder. I never told anyone of my plans to lose weight; and although I had some unhealthy habits, I was, indeed, very effective. I never had the satisfaction of someone saying, 'Good for you! You're gonna get skinny in no time!' especially because I never needed to lose the weight, and I obviously wasn't using safe means to do so. I didn't feel victorious until the scale number decreased, or my clothes were looser. It was my little secret. And I carried that secret proudly.

I need to take on that same mentality with all the other goals in my life. So, okay, the goal is out there already. But I can start being quiet right now. If people ask me how it's going, brevity is key. No details. 

From here on out, it's my little secret. ;)

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

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