Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Creative Intentions Part Two: Creating and Creating some more

I've been in quite the Siouxsie & the Banshees mood lately.  I think it's my motivation music for creating my items. If you feel like having a Siouxsie Fest (or want to know who the heck I'm talking about), I say you start with this playlist. It's a mix of some hits, and some uh...not-so-hits.

With the opening date of the store looming (ONE WEEK!), I started working on another prototype a few days ago. Here are the beginnings of it:

(Oh my Goddess, the decreases worked! I had no idea what the hell I was doing.)

I plan to dig into some embroidery work for it as well. Using red yarn, I'm going to place a design on top, and perhaps at the bottom?  Not totally positive, but I'll play around with it.

Here's another design I came up with:

For the most part, I like it, but the 3x1 rib looks to be cut short by the extra crap at the bottom.  So I'm going to simplify it and elongate the main pattern.

*sigh* I already made two pairs of these, thinking I loved them (my romantic history in a nutshell), but as soon as I took a photo I realized my aesthetic error. Let the 'frogging' begin...

In other news, I changed the name of the store to align better with my designs and ideal customer. Mr. Poe has been the main inspiration for the new name.

I have actually begun to really think in terms of a business plan, and have decided to pay for the e-course at The girls leading it seem incredibly awesome, and I already follow one of their blogs, Kyla Roma (I spoke about it in this post). You wouldn't believe how much I've learned from her blog just in this past week, and I find it incredibly interesting.

There's something truly...Empowering about all of this. The pursuit of owning my own business, making the plans and creating designs have me feeling so confident about my life in general. I mean, forget validation from men (don't tell EB I said that), or family approval (sorry guys), or really good hair days (Those can keep coming, though).

I feel like I'm taking more control. Which, I suppose, I AM. I'm making the choice to make a living off of my own talent and hard work, to get out from under a boss and constant paper pushing in a career that means nothing to me personally.

I could move fucking mountains right now, you guys. But I won't, because that might throw out my back.

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

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