Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I really need to stop writing my blog posts at work. But it just feels so...right.

So, this will be a quickie:


1. That damn diamond scarf is being modified, but it will be put on hold for now while I work on my last pattern for the shop. 

2. The Shop! Goal is to have it open by May 1, with at least three items to sell, that can be customized. This is realistic. This will happen. Eff yes.

3.That Fugly sweater was hibernating for a bit, but I'm back to working on it--as well as a hat for EB (exotic boyfriend, haha), a super cute baby beanie with an attached beard for a friend, and a market bag for the days when I actually decide to go grocery shopping!

4. The reason I've been away for a little bit is because I joined a band! So my weekends have been spent in a garage with three guys, making lots of loud noises. Mine comes from my mouth. :) If all goes well (and they are going incredibly well), we should be on a stage somewhere by Summer.

5. I have become incredibly organized about my yarn crafting. I finally have a pouch to hold all my needles and hooks, I've created a binder for all of my projects, both original and not where I can keep notes of progress, changes to make, etc.  I even have a spreadsheet that tracks all of the projects I have EVER done (including the ones on indefinite hiatus). Mmm, I love organizing SO MUCH.

So much.

Oh, and a few random hair things:
--This shit is beautiful.  Most of the time.  And I can make pigtails. :D

--I swear by water and olive oil in a spray bottle every 4 days, and Loc and Twist gel for the retwists. That's it for maintenance between washes. THAT'S IT.

--Did I mention how awesome it is to watch it do that 'magical locking' thing? Just a month ago, the tips of my hair were super springy, and perfectly coiled.  And now, that perfect coil is gone; the strands are getting all tangled in each other, and so the 'spring' is not as noticeable, and more . This also allows me to get a better idea of how long these babies are because I know I'm not stretching my hair as much.

I wonder how long it'll take before I can't see any coil at all..two more months? Three?

That is all! Hopefully soon I can post a preview of the items I plan to post on the shop.

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

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