Friday, December 28, 2012

Quickie before the BIG update (tonight!)

Notes to Self:

1. Ribbing is an easy way to make things fitted without learning how to decrease at crucial points (like the wrist). But it's probably still a good idea to learn how to do that.

2. I can crochet a set of 4 coasters in about an hour. Easy sell piece.

3. I have a lot of fun creating patterns.

4. I'm still really new to creating patterns, so I make mistakes (like gauging. I actually have to pay attention to that now. And sizing for children and adults. I'll be keeping that very simple for a while).

5. I have to be honest (not ambitious) about the time it will take to make something. Overestimating myself will only make me seem lazy. 'Immediacy' and 'handmade' do not go well together when you want to show 'quality'.

6. If it ever stops being fun, then I'm doing something wrong.


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