Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update Schmupdate.

Let's get down to business. This will be a long post. Grab that coffee and a notebook.


I've been doing lots more knitting lately, but a lot of my projects I found unsatisfactory, so I usually unraveled the whole thing.  But I think I've got a good one now. :)

This is a scarflet.  Little scarf, with leaf shaped ends, and cute little slots to keep the darling thing tight around your neck.  I modified a little (thanks to a misread), and will have to buy more yarn this weekend to finish the project, but progress so far is fun! I have learned some new techniques, and this one will be wearable! I found the pattern here:  (If you're not part of, you may not see it. So just join, because it's ah-may-zing. Thousands of patterns. Free. That's right. You heard me.)

In other news, I have been eyeing some great designs by Veronica O'Neil. She has a more Victorian and darker aesthetic with her designs--which I love.  Take a look at her patterns--My favorites are Grenadine, Two-Face Shawl, Norobi and Belle Ruffle Gloves.   I hope to get started on Norobi in the near future! I can't wait to have that as a wearable piece.

Goddess, I have been using the same dang yarns since my last purchase, which I posted on here (go ahead and check the date...I'll wait.)  It is definitely time for a yarn haul--one that does not involve acrylic.  My future projects are going to need some finer yarns, like Merino, Alpaca and Cotton/Silk blends if I want to go for the right look.

Look! Book!

Donated from a fellow crafty friend of mine, this book is amazing.  For anyone just learning to knit, or seasoned knitters, this book covers the basics as well as a bunch of nifty techniques and tricks to spice up your projects.  It even teaches you how to start your own knitting group. And I love it, it's a little tongue-in-cheek, offers some really cool designs in the back, and will probably never leave my side.

By the way, that fellow crafty friend of mine is not so much a knitter as she is pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE. Check out her blog, 365 Molly, where she strives to create a swatch every day inspired by whatever life throws at her.

Speaking of which, I am striving to see more of my life as inspiration for the things I create--not only knitting, but in my music and my writing as well. I think that is what has hindered me in the past; trying too hard to create from something outside of myself...I need to create from within. And so do you.  What's inspiring you today?

I'm getting ready to go to the Art Institute of Chicago. It's free for Illinois Residents on Wednesdays. I've never been, although I've been living here for 3 years...a shame, really. But at least I'm doing it now.  Perhaps I can find some inspiration there?


PS: I did manage to update my other blog as well. :)


  1. oh yay! It's my book being put to good use!!!

  2. Indeed it is! That sweater project is FIRST on my list. :)