Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Prodigal Lass

Ack! Invisible for WAY too long.

Crazy things have happened in life since my last post, but I am happy, healthy and have a roof over my head. And a darling kitty that can't get enough of me (when she's hungry).

Still getting settled in with the apartment...Seriously need a dresser. My clothes are so unhappy right now.  *Sigh* All in good time...

The really good news is that I have gotten back to my knitting, and boy oh boy am I excited to share a couple new projects! 

Also, I am contemplating changing some aspects of this blog to better fit my current life priorities. So let's see what becomes of it, shall we? Thinking of a Mission Statement...

Update post will be arriving within the next, oh...12 hours. :)


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