Monday, May 14, 2012

Knit Me once, Knit me Twice. (A story of Substance Abuse)

Hi, my name is Pusher. Of. Pens.

(Hi, Pusher. Of. Pens.)

I'm 25, and uh... I'm addicted to yarn.


It wasn't always like this, you know.  At first, I started knitting to keep me from resorting to retail therapy.  I was spending too much money on clothes and wanted to keep myself busy.  Also, I needed help with the constant panic attacks I was having on Public Transportation.  It was working, so I decided to just run with it--and uh, well...

Ya know, I remember when I walked into the craft store for the first time. I was so giddy. My laptop was waiting at home with videos cued up on how to knit and purl, and I was anxious to get started. In fact, I had a mild panic attack as I walked through the doors.  The store attendant told me I could find the knitting section straight back.  As I approached it, I noticed the wall in front of me was filled with color--these beautiful skeins of vivid, rich yarn, just waiting for me to touch.  And touch I did, let me tell you.  I felt it ALL--the rough, the soft, the metallic. My fingers were tingling, and I was short of breath. It was overwhelming, the options I had. But when I looked to my left, I saw another wall of yarn. I willed myself not to walk over there for fear of squealing with delight. Instead, I redirected myself to the tools: Needles. The long, straight wands that assisted in the creation of such wonderful artistry.  I felt like Harry Potter in his first year.  There was plastic and bamboo, double-pointed and circular....teeny ones and ones the size of broomsticks.

That feeling I had... well, it never goes away. Every time I walk into the store to buy yarn or needles, the same excitement comes over me. I just...lose control. I pick up item after item and I can't help myself.

And the actual ACT of knitting? Ha, I'll get into that some other time.

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

In my next post:  Two finished projects, The start of a new one, as well as... a small business?  Stay Tuned...

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