Friday, October 14, 2011

What? So I'm a couple days late... (WARNING: HAIR TALK))

Sorry, I've been a little busy this week actually having a social life.

But now it's Friday! And I plan on staying in.

Well... we'll see how long that desire lasts. (Read: Not at all. I'm already planning my outfit for tonight.)

Okay, so here's what I wanna do for you guys today:

-Yarn Twist/Genie Loc Review

So let me start with this:

I absolutely LOVED the genie locs when I had them in. They took a while to do (about 12-13 hours), but just like knitting or any other task that uses finger dexterity, I can only become faster each time I do it. So next time, I expect it to only take about 8-10 hours.

I used a semi chunky twisted yarn, and it was acrylic. I'm almost sure it was Lion Brand, but I'll verify that for you when I go to the store tomorrow. It took just over a skein to complete my head. I spritzed each section with water and then applied a small amount of 'Lock & Twist Gel' by Organic ROOT stimulator (for smoothing), and braid/twisted away. I decided to go for twists, because it's faster, and I just prefer the twisted look over braids. It also makes them look even more like real locs, honestly. Which was kind of my goal. I love the look of locs, but I'm not willing to commit. I change my style way too much.

Oh, and no burned ends here--I knotted the bottom, dipped em in hot water to set the knot. I never had a problem with anything coming out.

**One important note: It takes on the scent of EVERYTHING. So if you drool on your hair while sleeping...WHOA. Or if you go to a bar, and stand next to a smoker, the yarn will take it very easily. Not to worry, though! Grab an essential oil of your choice (I adore lavender and gardenia), take about two to three drops and just rub it all over the twists. It does better than mask. It's like the scent was never there, and you smell divine. And of course, a quick rinse will do just as well.**

About... How it Felt: I hear about a lot of complaints from women who try this style that their hair is heavy, and that it's uncomfortable and hot, and sometimes even stiff? Here's why I didn't feel that way with mine at all:
1. I used one piece of yarn, not two, so it's not very thick.
2. I used smaller sections.
3. Actually, the stiffness--and it's not really stiff... hell, it's yarn-- goes away after a couple of days of handling it. Just like other synthetic extensions.

It feels amazing to me. Lighter than the synthetic I used before, and super duper soft.

About... Styling: My twists were super long (which made me feel like a total goddess), but that also means that it was more time-consuming for curl styling. Especially when you factor in the need for boiling water as a setting aid. Yarn does not dry quickly, and BOY does it hold water.
Imagine boiling water falling on your skin. Yeah.
So the most I did was put my hair in chunky braids, dip them, and let them sit. I'm positive that I didn't let them set long enough (I was trying to style as I headed out), so the crimp was gone within a couple hours. Lesson learned. It's much easier to style with the synthetic kanekalon I usually use for my twists. But next time around I will show more patience, and play with it more.

About...Washing: Do it on a day when you're:
A)Melting from the heat in your house, or
B)Doing nothing for about 4 hours.

Of course, my hair was to my waist, so that definitely plays a part in drying time. But the washing is just the same as if you were to wear kinky twists, or any other style like this. Use the method that suits you best. A spray bottle with a mix of your favorite shampoo/conditioner and warm water is usually the easiest, and you are less likely to get all of your hair wet. Sectioning it off into four sections can be a great help as well.

Summing it Up:
So, this will definitely be a go-to protective style for me, but something I've also noticed is that for the past three years, twists have been the main part of my hairstyle. I started with a mix of blonde and blue synthetic twists, and since then have changed colors, length, hair type over time. It was during my twists that I decided to go natural, and so I big chopped, got scared, put in a relaxer, got tired of the look after about 2 weeks, and put the twists right back in, mixing my normal red, blue and brown.

My natural curly hair comes out for a quick hello for about 2 weeks to a month, I have fun with styles, and then I begin to miss my twists, and decide (within 5 minutes) to put them back in. And not once have I ever regretted the decision.

I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that I absolutely LOVE long hair, but will never EVER put in sew-in, glue-in extensions again for as long as I live. I don't have enough freedom on my scalp, and I've broken off plenty of hair thanks to those styles. So I found that compromise when a friend of mine had twists in, and I said, 'OH my God, I'm trying that!' I was further influenced by an amazing metal vocalist, pictured below:
This woman can not only melt your face with her screams and vocals, but that hair is fucking killer. She's had so many color combinations, and awesome styles if you check out her bands' videos. And she can whip that shit like no other. The name of the band is Straight Line Stitch. Be forewarned; it's hard as hell metal. But really good.

It is definitely a staple style for me now, and everyone in Chicago knows me by my twists. My mane is such a huge part of me (Hello, I'm a LEO), and I love that I stand out because of them.

One huge advantage with the yarn twists is price and color versatility. The main yarn I buy is no more than five bucks, and the colored yarn I buy is 1.99 per skein--the same stuff I use for little beginner knitting projects.

And I'm a rocker at heart, so the colored hair gives me the edge I need to feel really comfortable in my skin.

And just to prove how much I love these locs, look at this:

Yeah. I really can't go without them for very long. I'll show finished pics. I'm putting in more color this time, too!

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

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