Sunday, October 9, 2011

Progress Pics/I finished something!

Hello all, so let's get started shall we? I am in a knitting frenzy, now that October is in.

**Patterns will be posted at the bottom**

I recently finished my first pair of fingerless gloves. Can I just say SUPER EASY? If I had, say, a three or four hour block of time with nothing to do (like, perhaps, staying in on a weeknight), I would have finished these in one sitting. Of course, that's for a first timer like me. I like to think that it gets faster with each subsequent fingerless glove project.

So here's a pic!

(It's my Vogue Face. You like?)

I like them! Really easy, no finger separation, flat knitted with a seam up the side, and a hole for the thumb. More like a mitten without the top, or the things kickass cage fighters wear. One thing I would do differently: Decrease the needle size by one for the bottom portion, just to make it a little tighter. But this is just me, as I have very slim hands/wrists. No lie-- I can still fit Children's bracelets. And women's bangles prefer the ground over my limbs.

I posted this on Facebook, and actually got a couple requests! Including ones that go to the knuckle! So my next pair will be just that.

Red Scarf-Pretty Trim Progress:

I decided against making it long-- instead, I will make it more of a neck muffler with a couple of ginormous, cute buttons for enclosure. This is almost done! Final result should be on here within two weeks, I hope, along with the pattern.

Blood Drop Afghan:

Okay, so I got started on my Sampler Afghan Project, and am finishing up square three. Three of EIGHTEEN. I could show you pics, but it's rather boring. They all have a different repeated pattern, and they're 12 x 12 a piece. I'm alternating Black and Purple Acrylic (since this is my first one, I'm using cheapie yarn), and the two center pieces will be Black with two red blood drops. Absolutely fanglicious!

I wish I could have had it done by Halloween, but I'd have to drop all of my other projects and quit my social life to do so. So it'll be something nice and cozy to keep my lap warm during my Megabus ride back to Michigan for Thanksgiving, I figure.

I don't want to make this post too long, so coming up in the next post (expect it by Wednesday at the latest):

-Genie Loc/Yarn Twist review
-More Autumn Knitting Goals! (Oversized Cardigan, perhaps?)
-Some favorite Crafty links of mine! (Still compiling the list for you)
-Addictions/musings on life as a knitter

All right, off to get started on my next pair of gloves!

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

Here's a link to the fingerless gloves.

Here's a link to some really cool gangsta gloves with embroidery (seriously, who WOULDN'T want a pair of these?)

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