Saturday, June 25, 2011

Progress Pics! (Yeah, this one is about knitting, too.)

Some people give me a hard time because I started knitting just as the weather was getting warm. But when they see me all bundled up in my scarves, gloves and hats that cost me way less than their special lambswool, deer-hide 'if-it-rains-it-will-burst-into flames' outerwear, they'll be sorry they ever laughed.

Of course, I'm not just trying to make outwear here, people! I'm doing washcloths, coasters, headbands, kitty hats! And for my first 'commissioned' project (yeah, no money involved here, but I took it as a challenge), I'm making little doggie slippers for my friend who just got an apartment with hardwood floors. But I'd like to modify them with a little rubber on the bottom so that THIS won't happen.

Did you watch it? Yeah. I love that one. My cat, Gretchen didn't find it so amusing.

Here's a couple progress pics of my washcloths:

Different Pattern! These ones are a tentative wedding gift, if I can make them look good...

Ah... Baby Soft...

I made this pattern a little longer. I have little hands, so the yellow one is a great size for me (Yep, already tested them out. Love using these!), but others might not feel it's enough material to play with.

So, I hope to find a pattern soon for the doggy slippers. I haven't checked yet, but I'm sure there's something on there.

I still have that crappy blue and purple acrylic I bought to mess around with... Maybe I'll knit something for the Pride Parade tomorrow? Ooh... hm...

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

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