Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pride Parade Quick-Knit!

That black thing is not part of it; it's another knotted bracelet I wear, and never take off. Ew.

So, I actually did find a way to use some of that crappy purple yarn! Meh, it's not too crappy; but highly fuzzy. So sorta crappy... Anyway, LOOK!

I made these while hanging out with a couple other friends that I was attending the parade with. One of them is also a fellow crafty bombshell (and much better knitter--She makes elephants! ELEPHANTS! Like these!) like yours truly, so we hunted for cool beads to close the bracelet.

And since it only took me about 20 minutes to make, I decided to make matching ones for them too! We used random charms/beads for those ones as well. I managed to shave off 5 minutes with each new bracelet. So after practice, this is an easy 10-minute project. If I were doing this for profit, this would be an easy item to make and sell. I have considered the possibility of an Etsy shop if I realize that I have a knack for it. I'd probably sell other jewelry as well... once I finish stretching my lobes, I definitely intend to custom make my own plugs.

But for now, I'd like to enjoy my first wearable item--and boy did I wear it proud on that day :). So did my friends! This also happened to be the first of (hopefully) many knitted gifts. Makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside...

No, wait... that's the purple dye from the yarn seeping into my bloodstream.

~Pusher. Of. Pens.

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