Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Etsy Luurve and other things

Evenin ya'll...

Before I go to bed, I wanted to share with you all a few of my current Etsy favorites. I've been on there a lot lately, especially since I'm now editing the photos of my first few items and preparing to post them this weekend. It is finally time to (softly) open the shop! I won't feel relief until it's official, but it's sooooo clooooose. 

As a slight distraction from the obvious nerves and upcoming panic as I get down to the wire, I began browsing the site, ended up joining a group, and found a ton of things I want to buy immediately. Such as:

a) This vintage Amber Ball Button necklace:

b) These Perspective Rings:

c) This wonderful comfy-looking Maxi Dress (Like something Virginia Woolf would have worn):

d) These awesome Wooden Interlocking Coasters (the answer is yes, I DO want to make my own):

e) This Victorian style necklace (I really, really, REALLY love gunmetal):

Isis-willing, I will have that maxi dress and those necklaces before Spring Thaw, and the rings, well... I'll work my way up to those. Perhaps a reward for myself after a certain amount of sales? That reminds me...I need to work on goal setting.

All right, back to work (or bed. maybe.) for this one. Hopefully this weekend will hold good news of a certain shop opening, eh?


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