Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Recap, 2014 Destiny

Okay. I dropped off the face of the blog for almost a month, oops?

I actually started about four different posts, but never got the opportunity to come back and finish them. Such is the way of the Holidays...stealing the extra moments you thought you had. Interestingly enough, I have had no problem keeping up with EVERYONE ELSE's blogs this entire time.'re welcome, consistent bloggers that I adore. Keep up the good work, and all that.

And I know the title of my post sounds stupid daunting (stupid daunting? stupidly daunting? dauntingly stupid? Yeah, those words don't work well together. Til now. :p), but it's not as involved as it sounds. Well, it could be. But I'll try not to make you fall asleep.

Since my last post, stuff has happened. Like:
1. I got a knitting machine! (Courtesy of the pops as an early Christmas gift)
2. I visited home (Michigan) for (part of) the Holidays!
3. I got bangs!
4. I bought two wonderful pink lipsticks (this is a bigger deal than you may realize)!
5. I knitted (shouldn't be a surprise, but 4 things didn't seem like enough)!

I hate using so many exclamation points, but I'm still working the 'festive' out of my system(!).

1) I will do a legit review of the knitting machine in the future, but right now, there's a bit of a learning curve, and any discussion I begin may end with me in near-tears as I figure out why stitches keep dropping *in the middle of the cast on row(!). Meanwhile, here's a pretty picture of it:

(This took 35 15 minutes.)

2) For the Holiday, my trip to Michigan was way too short, and I honestly didn't take enough pictures (photography--another pending post of mine, by the way), so I suppose I have no choice but to return there within the next couple months to make good with the fam. And my camera. Aw geeze. :)

3) I did the unthinkable--I cut my darlings. My young, darling, partially bleached locs. What was I thinking?(!) Oh, right--that I wanted bangs. And I've always been the kinda gal that acts on my decisions pretty quickly. I see some photos of dames with fringe, and I think, 'yeah...I wanna do that.' And then I search for pics of dames with Locs and fringe, and I think, 'yeah...there needs to be more of this. Let me contribute.' And then I grab the nearest scissors (usually of the fabric variety), and start cutting away and taking selfies. This is the result:


But the bangs are great!

I still suck at selfies, but I've decided that it's because I don't have my usual cat eye glasses. So I'm remedying (that definitely looks misspelled) that by doing a wee bit of shopping on BonLook. Yes, that was another slightly impulsive decision, and probably a poor one, but cat. eye. glasses. I can't believe I strayed from one of the things that made me, well, more me. 

Which brings me to my next topic: My 2014 Destiny. Again, it sounds... heavy. Daunting, perhaps? Dare I say...grandiose?

Look, I'm no superhero (despite the various daydreams I have of saving the world), but I like to think that I create my own destiny, ya know? And for 2014, the timing just happened to fit; at the beginning of this year I have found myself in a transition. A transition from...well...I-don't-know-what, better. And trust me, this is a VAST improvement. And so, I'd like to share with you all some of my goals to continue on my 2014 Destiny of...'Something Better':

1) Speaking up. I have a habit of cutting myself off mid-sentence--or not saying anything at all--when I want to express something that may cause others discomfort. The others are always people I'm not very close to, but it should not be an excuse to keep my mouth shut. We should never be afraid to express ourselves.

2) Embracing my maturity. I mean, I'm 27, so we're not talking about AARP memberships or anything, but I'm finally hitting that point where the idea of having a home, creating a stable life with a companion as crazy as I am, and having a family (be it just animals, kids or both) all sound like relatively good ideas. And anyone who knows me, knows how much of a 180 this is.

3) Trusting my instinct. I know what's best for me, and my instinct (when acted upon) has never let me down. There's no reason I should start straying from it now.

4) Appreciating the beauty of it all. Yes, all of it. You know what I mean. Everything.(!)

5) Welcoming the extrovert within. This part of me usually only comes out at gigs with the band. It's so easy for me talk to strangers at the venue because I feel like I have something to say ('What band are you here to see? It doesn't matter. You'll love my band. Stick around.' *grin*). But come on, I always have something to say. This is about being confident that I'm an interesting chick (honest! I am! Just wait'll you see me in person), and that the person I'm talking to is probably pretty interesting as well.

I've actually got about a good 20-30 goals or so, but don't worry, they're broken down into 3 categories and nested. ;)

And yes, posting more on the blog is one of those goals. But I figured that was implied.


*I figured out why the stitches were dropping in the middle, so no tears! Well, none today, anyway.


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