Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Geometry, Grounds, Graphite and Geeking out

Happy Tuesday!

After that terribly belated craft fair post yesterday, I figured I'd share a few things that have been inspiring me lately:

Simple. Gives me ideas for a new arm warmer pattern...

1) Geometric Shapes:

I have really been digging a minimalist look lately, especially with some cool geometric accents. The Helmut Lang sweater above sums it up for me, and it's inspiring me to make a couple new items in the store with a similar feel.
And it looks like I'm not alone in the geo inspiration.  One of my favorite bloggers, the girl behind One Sheepish Girl has also been feeling inspired by similar prints. It must be trending...

2) Taking Coffee Seriously:
I recently finished watching 'Coffee House', a Korean Drama rom/com, which centers around an eccentric writer, his unlikely assistant, and the strange (unspoken love) relationship between him and his publisher. In the midst of the sparks, there is a huge emphasis placed on coffee brewing methods, specifically the 'Pour Over' method (shown above). I never thought of coffee in this way (there are STEPS to the pour over process! I love it!), but I have recently found myself preferring freshly ground beans over pre-packaged Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee (high standards, I know). So I've been doing research like a madwoman on brewing methods, and am looking for a good coffee grinder to buy.

3)Taking my pencils seriously: Another interesting aspect to the show 'Coffee House' is the writer's writing method. He wrote by hand, and hand-sharpened 10 pencils at a time as he worked, eventually getting his assistant to sharpen them in exactly the same way. I had never done this before, so a few weeks ago I gave it a try.
Oh my goodness, it's eerily soothing...to shave the wood down to the graphite, creating a point just the way I like it. When I feel blocked or frazzled, I just sit down and do this for a little while, and all is well again.

4) Writing: As you are probably aware, it's Nanowrimo! Of course, I signed up. Of course, I'm way behind. BUT, I am writing--By hand, with my newly hand-sharpened pencils. It feels wonderful. I don't know why I sign up; I technically never win, but it does help me get back in the groove of writing. My main goal this month is to write every day. It might be on one of my novel ideas, or it might be blogging. Either way, I'm using the written word as a vehicle, and that is what's important. I've also begun watching Nika Harper's 'Wordplay' videos (hosted on my favorite website, Geek and Sundry!), which are vlogs on creative writing. She's covered poetry, short fiction, noir fiction, dialogue, fan fiction, even writer's block. There's plenty more, just go check them out. And she gives little exercises at the end for you to join in on, and get involved in the forums to share your work! It's a pretty cool platform.

So there you have it. A few things that have been making me smile quite a bit lately. Hopefully you've got a few of your own?


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