Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Knit/Crochet project update!

Okay. 3 thi--no, 4 things to share with you all today:

1. Fugly sweater
So, here is the finished back (or front,--haven't decided yet) piece:
I really like the combination of blue, cream and black. And in the next photo, you can see the first half I knitted next to it. 
I still have black and purple yarn left. I haven't taken a picture of sleeve number one yet because I can't find it I stashed it in a separate bag, but right now it's black. It would be just my luck that I run out of yarn just as I get to the last ten rows of sleeve number two, or something.

2. Market Bag
This is a crochet project that's coming along rather nicely. Nothing but double crochet. And with the ridiculous amount of train travel I have on a daily (and weekendly) basis, and the awesome Korean drama I'm watching right now, I expect this bag to be done sometime this weekend, or early next week. 
This yarn by Berroco, called 'Remix' is really cool. It's made up of 100% recycled fibers, is  pretty comfy, and they come in great colors. I didn't realize how Autumnal my color choice was until I started to crochet with the orange. I'm loving this bag a little more by the minute. Still contemplating putting a liner in the bag for reinforcement, but I really only intend to use this for groceries. Either way, this bag is so simple, it could make for a quick gift (or serve as a bag to hold many little gifts, no?)

3.Kimono Slippers
I found this cute pattern here, and decided to give it a try. It was a very quick knit, and sewing together was a cinch as well. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I added a couple rows by accident to one, and the sewing (not exactly a total cinch) was backwards on one of them. My main issue here is the shaping. I used Malabrigo Merino Wool for this, and my knitting was rather loose, so when I tried them on, they just slid everywhere. When I redo these, I'm going to knit much tighter, and possibly add soles to keep the shape better. Perhaps cotton will be a better choice of material? I'm thinking I will need something stiffer.

4. My first Craft Fair!
On a whim, I decided to sign up for the annual craft fair at my job. It costs $10 to rent a table, and I can sell the things I make there! I'll probably just have crocheted coasters, 2 easy original armwarmer designs and maybe headbands, or washcloths. So I'll need to get to work on those between the bag and the sweater sleeves. I won't overload myself, though. I can make 4 coasters in about an hour, and I can make a pair of short armwarmers in about 2 hours. I still need to make sure I'm setting aside time for writing and scream training.

Okay, I feel a little more accomplished now that I've posted about my projects. Full steam ahead!


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