Sunday, January 20, 2013

Keep it Tight!

Okay, I wish I had looked into this before I made all those damn gifts...


You know, that thing you do to finish up a project to make it wearable.  I will say that my previous attempts at seaming were modest, and for whatever reason, I thought I knew what I was doing, and only bothered watching one very short overview video. Like, 6 months ago.

Ugh, I was so wrong. 

But it's okay! I decided to learn just in time to make sure my first Etsy item is nice and tight (Like a Tiger).

See below (again, phone camera. Not the good one.):

 (The stray pieces were on the first one before I realized that I was seaming on the right side (RS). The second one, I remembered to keep it on the inside. Totally undetectable.)

It's delicious and lovely and invisible, is it not? It kinda makes me want to do a little jig. Good gods, I'm turning into a true nut-bag...armed with knitting needles.

See this video for how it works. You're going in between the 'v's under the little bar, and connecting them on both sides. And as you move along, you just tug on the yarn and BAM: Yarn disappears in a sweet-ass zipper-like fashion. There are tutorials for mattress seaming on other stitches; you can find them all if you search the site where the video is.

But also, notice where the pattern changes at the top.  Yeah, those v's I was relying on are kinda gone. So I had to get creative and shift what I was grabbing. Not 100% sure what I was doing here, but I just tried to maintain the distance from the edge and it turned out fine.

All that being said, my first Etsy item is finished. Now time for pictures and description and on to the next item for sale. 

Dudes, this is so happening. :)

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

PS:  While I was out with friends last night, I got my first paid request! :D

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