Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIM (Did it myself): "The best feeling ever..

Is wearing an item of clothing you made yourself."

Er--well, modified.

I had these ridiculously outdated stretchy brown (pseudo)pinstripe slacks that were nothing short of bellbottoms. And they had a HUGE cuff. Since I've been on my cigarette pant kick (I've been channeling Hepburn a lot lately, as well as the style and elegance of Golden Hollywood), I decided to modify them so that I could wear them again!

The idea came to me while looking through Allure (the one with Blake Lively on the front--October?) and there was a section on cashmere sweaters. In the bottom right corner, however, was a photo of Ashley Olsen in a slightly oversized, 3/4 sleeve gray cashmere sweater by Hilfiger, and the best part-- beige striped cigarette pants. She finished it off with simple black pumps, and a cute purse to match the pants.

I LOVE that look so much. That combination of dressing it up, but staying comfy. Not everything has to fit every curve you "think" you have, you know?

Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and recreate that outfit without spending a dime. 2 hours later (because I messed up a pair of gray slacks by taking off too much material-- I'll be making those into shorts, I think), I had a new pair of brown skinny pants!

No, they're not perfect... there's that annoying inside-of-the-knee pucker because I've never taken a garment class in my life, and have only recently started reading books on the subject. But I love them, they are completely wearable, and I was able to recreate Ashley's look!

I'll have pictures for you on the next post... I don't think the coffee house patrons will appreciate me posing in the walkway attempting to get a good pic off of my Macbook camera.

Also coming soon...
~My journey in apron assembly (How-to taken from Sew! Magazine)
~Easy greens and Guacamole
~Holiday outfits!

All right... off to window shop! But first, stopping over here for some inspiration:

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

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