Sunday, August 21, 2011

Projects Galore!! (And Photos, to Boot!)

Ah, it is Good to be back. I have some things to share with you all!

1) So, where was I? Right... knitting. So here is what I have just recently finished:

I call them Tea Bibs. But you can use them as potholders (the handles on my cheap stainless steel pots and pans get super hot), mini placemats for a cup and saucer, or for your darling little princess during her numerous tea and dinner parties. It's actually a diagonal pattern, so you start out with 4 stitches and add on until you reached your desired width, then decrease back down. Here's my tea bib in use:

Now the dribbling problem is no more! And imagine the coordination possibilities you could do here. My mother is a collector of teapots, so this would be a great gift to add a homey touch to her numerous displays.

I found the pattern HERE!

2)Okay, next on the list... I just started working on the pooch slippers for my Best friend's dog. It's a doozy. Mostly time consuming, because it's a circular project and I'm not using circular needles, but 4 double sided needles. But I'm sure they'll be adorable, and much easier to do after I finish the first one:

It's a little confusing at first, making sure that you don't twist the pattern, but you fall into a groove easily enough. So I'll keep you posted on progress. :)

Oh, and HERE'S the pattern!

3) All right, here's one for fall, and I'm super excited because if it comes out the way I'd like, it will be my first wearable scarf! Here's how it's going so far:

As you can see, it's the first half of the Tea Bib pattern, and then I modified the pattern so that I could keep it straight instead of decreasing in stitches. I want both ends of the scarf to end in points, and I want to keep the cute semi-lace edges that the Tea Bibs have the whole way through. And this red is so adorable, and cheap!

4) Last but not least, I did one more project. It took me about 10-12 hours to finish, and I was up all night. But I think it turned out pretty well! I bought this lovely yarn:

And put it Here:

Yep, yarn in my hair. Nothing new in the realm of ethnic hairstyles, but I was so excited to do this! Everyone thinks I have dreads now, though, and the Africans in my neighborhood yell, "Ey, Rasti!" :-P Yeah.
But I did it for length, and it matches my hair wonderfully, and I am totally in love. Also, I can weave in any color I want, any time I want. So if I feel like getting funky one night, I can just weave in a couple purple/pink/chartreuse pieces, and take em out before I have to go to work. ;)

Well? Did that make up for my absence? I hope it did. As you can see, I never stopped knitting. I really don't think I ever will.

OH! Also, I just did some research on Sampler Afghans, and so I'm going to put some of my not-so-fabulous acrylic yarn to use and make a practice afghan with 12x12 squares. I have black, purple, and red. This will be a great beginner long-term project for me, I think. Something to zone out on in between the more difficult projects I am working on. So expect progress photos of that as well!


I'd like to try my hand at some beginner quilting projects. I want to get better at sewing. Researching NOW.

And in between all of these projects I am working a full time job, working on an album, writing, preparing to go back to school and getting over the ex-bf.

I need to be a stay-at-home wife.

~Pusher. Of. Pens.~

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